Transendence Mala

Traditionally Malas are used as prayer beads.Our 5 Mala bracelets: LOVE, AMAHORO (PEACE)RESILIENCE , TRANSCENDENCE and UBUNTU each represent a prayer for our women in Rwanda and for anyone who seeks the power to heal, to rise above and to live with serenity and compassion.

The Transendence Mala bracelet is made by women in India who have no other employable skills or economic opportunities. Your purchase provides them with a job. 

The mala contains healing elements of howlite, a crystal for cultivating awareness and calmness and Rudraksha seeds, which help to align the metaphysical body and elevate the soul.

We chose the name in accordance with the Mala's healing properties and in honor of the women's ability to transcend so many struggles and to choose hope and love as the path forward.

100% of profits support the project in Rwanda.

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