Peace Warrior Mala

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Traditionally Malas are used as prayer beads. Our Mala bracelets each represent a prayer for our women in Rwanda and for anyone who seeks the power to heal, to rise above and to live with serenity, unity and compassion.

Each bracelet is made by women in India who have no other employable skills or economic opportunities. Your purchase provides them with a job.

The Peace Warrior Mala serves as a reminder that peace among Humanity is possible and it starts at the individual level. Rwanda survived a horrific genocide that claimed the lives of over 1 million people in just 100 days. Since then, the country has chosen to live in peace and to rebuild all that has been lost. Let this mala be a reminder that you can be a warrior for peace through each of your actions and intentions. 

The Peace Warrior Mala contains healing elements of:

Tiger's Eye, a crystal that cultivates stability, willpower, purpose, focus, self-confidence, and calmness.

Black Lava, a stone which symbolizes strength, courage and stability

Sandalwood, a sacred wood used for cultivating mental clarity and emotional balance.

We chose the name in accordance with the Mala's healing properties and in honor of the path of peace the women have chosen in the face of so many struggles.

*Large size can fit a man's wrist. 

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