Aspire Rwanda

Aspire Rwanda equips women, many of who have been traumatized by the genocide, with the knowledge, skills and confidence to raise themselves and their families out of poverty. The program offers vocational training, skills and education to vulnerable women living in Kigali and rural Rutunga. Aspire chooses hard-working, resilient women to enroll in a 12-month training program at its urban or rural center.

Each center provides complimentary childcare for preschool-aged children. For many Rwandan women who are attempting to raise children and earn money, they have few options for childcare other than leaving young children home alone or withdrawing an older sibling from school to care for them. The Aspire childcare center offers a safe and educational environment for the mothers to leave their children, which allows them to concentrate on the program. Children are provided with two nutritional meals a day and follow a preschool curriculum. 

The women are able to learn uninterrupted in the Aspire program with their young ones taken care of. They develop literacy and numeracy skills, learn about health and nutrition, managing money and women’s rights. After graduation the women join a cooperative where they work and support themselves, contributing to a self-sustaining and peaceful community.

Humanity Unified and Humanity Unified International (nonprofit organization) will work with Aspire in developing a self-sustaining business model, along with innovative solutions to enhance the organization's current food security programs and supporting the current education programs for women and the early childhood education centers. 


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