Volunteer Opportunties

Want to help create lasting change by donating your time a few hours a week to help ensure education, food security and sustainable development for people and children living in extreme poverty? Check out the volunteer opportunities below (All inquires should be sent to info@humanityunified.org ) :

Communications & Development Intern

We need a superstar communicator who is passionate about international development programming and media relations and outreach. This individual will assist with outreach to publications and social media influencers to spread awareness about HU. We'll also need this superstar to craft blog posts, create interesting and inspiring Instagram stories and to assist with ALL programming efforts for our projects. Internship duration is 3-4 months depending on availability and can be remote. If this is you please send us an email using the address above.

Fundraiser 4 Food Security, Education and Sustainable Development 

Are you an experienced fundraiser who wants to help support our amazing projects? We are looking for individuals who are incredibly passionate about our mission and are dedicated and committed to ensuring that our programs are funded so that the organization continuously expands and can positively impact more and more people living in poverty. Financial commitment is a minimum of $2,000 annually. 

Social Media Samaritan

Love hanging out on Facebook and Instagram? We need an experienced individual to help us build a community of changemakers on our social media platforms. Send us a note telling how you would help grow the Humanity Unified community along with statistics from past social media campaigns or projects. (3-5 years experience required).

Marketing Motivator

We are looking for creative, enthusiastic individuals interested in getting involved in building incredible outreach and fundraising campaigns. If you are looking to give back by lending your skills and expertise a few hours per week, this volunteer position is an amazing way to start.  (3-5 years experience required).

Video Editing Effecter 

Video is where it's at today. In order to tell your story and to get your message out you need to be able to show people your mission and how they can get involved. We are in search of an amazing individual with crazy good video and editing skills. Opportunity to travel to Rwanda to cover the current project is available. Send us a few clips of your work along with a brief introduction on how you can contribute to spreading the HU mission through some really rad videos. 

Graphic Designer for Good

We're looking for a volunteer to create awesome and inspirational graphics for our fundraising campaigns. Send us a note explaining why you are the creative genius for the job and attach some samples of design projects you've done in the past. (1-2 years experience required).

Communications Changemaker

Looking to create change with your words? We're seeking a volunteer to contribute to our media efforts through blog posts, PR and marketing campaigns. Tell us your story and include why your past experiences and passion would greatly contribute to our mission. (3-5 years experience required).


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