Our Model


We believe education is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. It is a force for change, a barrier against conflict and a ladder to rise above poverty. We support education programs that provide trainings in human rights, health, regenerative agriculture and business education. We believe in investing in women because they are 10x more likely than men to invest in their families and communities. We also look at how we can take the necessary steps to educate men about the importance of equality, and empower children through impactful education programs and sponsorships. 


Your donations provide vital support for regenerative agriculture food security programs aimed at growing high-market value organic fruits and vegetables. Organic gardens provide families living in extreme poverty with a source of income (from selling what is grown) and also a source of healing foods to consume. When basic human needs are met, only then can people begin to think beyond day-to-day survival.


We ensure that once all trainings and educational programs are complete, people are given economic opportunities that also support the health of the planet. When parents have financial security they can provide three meals a day and purchase health insurance for their families. They can also afford the fees to send their children to school, which is the most sure and powerful way to break the cycle of poverty.

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