It started with a dream

We headed to Rwanda, a country that suffered one of the worst genocides the world has ever seen. We met a small group of women that were living in horrible conditions and had faced the most unimaginable circumstances. When we learned the stories of these women, many of whom are victims of rape, who are widowed, orphaned and lost children of their own, we began to realize that breaking the chains of poverty lies in one solution: empowerment. So we set to work, not with just a few women, but 100. And not only are we empowering these women through education, food security programs and economic opportunities, we are giving them the resources to empower their children and their communities to rise out of poverty. Learn more here on how you can sponsor a woman and become part of our story of empowerment.


We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers communities to rise out of poverty through education, food security projects and economic opportunities. 

We start by investing in women.