How We All Can be Social Impact Investors

by Maria Russo

What if instead of looking at the idea of giving as a "donation" we considered this selfless act as truly what it is: INVESTING in someone's future. When we give, we are part of a collective effort to make something in this world better. We've made the choice to invest our energy towards positive progress and in turn we become part of that progress.

The world changes every day and, in my humble opinion, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we need more kindness, more equality, more social innovation and more peace in the hearts of every creature on this planet.

You are reading this post because among the many things you care about, you care about empowering Rwandan women and their families to rise above poverty. I thank you for your compassion and I hope that you'll become (or continue to be) part of this powerful story of progress and consider investing in the future of our families.

Photo by @lifedezigned

Maria Russo
Maria Russo


Maria is the co-founder and executive director of Humanity Unified International. Follow stories from the field on Instagram @humanityunified

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