A New Growing Season Brings New Hopes for a Better Future

by Maria Russo

Right now, our women are delicately tending to their fields where seeds have just been planted - these seeds are incredible symbols of hope and opportunity for a better future. The women will wait patiently until January when, for the first time, they will begin to earn a livable income from the harvest.

Most women are currently earning approximately $.087 per day. In January, their income will shoot to upwards of $4.00 per day. By U.S. standards this does not sound like much, but for poor families in Rwanda it is literally the difference between being able to afford basic necessities like food, education and healthcare - and not.

You can make a difference by investing in this project. If you can't contribute but want to help, send us a note here . Help us invest in the future of Humanity starting today.

Maria Russo
Maria Russo


Maria is the co-founder and executive director of Humanity Unified International. Follow stories from the field on Instagram @humanityunified

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