Our Biggest Project Yet!

by Maria Russo

A Harvest Haven for the women's cooperative means income for families, so that girls like Claudine can stay in school without her parents worrying about having the means to pay for school fees. It means income security for families so that they can afford three meals a day and purchase healthcare for their children.

The Harvest Haven or storage facility plays a vital role in protecting the harvest from pests, rot and molds such as aflatoxins which are directly associated to liver cancer, impaired immune function and stunted growth in children. With proper storage, it is possible to eliminate the 20­-30 percent crop loss that is common post­-harvest. Please consider investing in the lives of 100 families by donating today.


Maria Russo
Maria Russo


Maria is the co-founder and executive director of Humanity Unified International. Follow stories from the field on Instagram @humanityunified

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