The Bookmark That Keeps on Giving

by Maria Russo

About a month ago, the HU team spent some time thinking about initiatives that could spread kindness among people in a way that is easy, fun and inspiring. After days and days of brainstorming, we built an idea that was sparked by our marketing and design guru, Mike Morana (thanks Mike!). We wanted the initiative to revolve around our mission to empower women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty through education, economic development and agriculture programs. At the core of these programs lies a support system of people that offer love, kindness and assurance to the women.

The HU team realizes the importance of being affirmed through love, kindness and support and we also know that everyone needs these things to feel human. We each thought about how awesome it would be if we could start a movement that inspired people to pass along a symbol of love, strength and empowerment to friends, family and colleagues, and then those people would pass the symbol to others and so on... We designed a bookmark, which symbolizes our dedication to the education of girls and women, with the following empowering phrases written on the front:

You are loved bookmark

you are strong bookmark

You are awesome bookamrk  

So, what do you do with the bookmark? Sign it with your Instagram or Twitter handle and give it to someone -- anyone -- a friend, family member, classmate, colleague, even a stranger (maybe even accompanied by a random act of kindness) to show you acknowledge that person as important, worthy and unique. The back of the bookmark will instruct that person to pass it along to someone else, hopefully making its way around the community, state or maybe even the world... filled with the signatures of the people who once had it in their possession.

As always, 20% of the profits go towards education, economic development and agriculture programs that empower women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. (Check out our current project)

Who's ready to join the movement?!

Get your pack of bookmarks now and start spreading love!

Maria Russo
Maria Russo


Maria is the co-founder and executive director of Humanity Unified International. Follow stories from the field on Instagram @humanityunified

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